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How we HOWL

At Gypsum Creek Middle School, we encourage all students to H.O.W.L – exemplify character traits of being Hardworking, to take Ownership, show Wisdom, and exhibit Leadership. There are opportunities to meet (and exceed) staff expectations throughout our school.


  • Hallway:  Take the instructed route, make way to destination in a timely fashion.
  • Cafeteria: Clean your area, get all utensils and food when dismissed then remain seated.
  • Classrooms: Persevere, strive for success, have learning tasks completed in a timely fashion.
  • Bathroom: Be polite and respect privacy, take care of business quickly.
  • iQuad and Assemblies: Look for instructions; keep hands, feet, and objects to self.


  • Hallway: Leave your locker space clean and orderly, have pass visible.
  • Cafeteria: Bring appropriate money, lunch, clothing' remain at chosen table.
  • Classrooms: Use materials and equipment appropriately, start beginning procedures upon arrival.
  • Bathroom: Have pass visible, bring only necessary materials, flush.
  • iQuad and Assemblies: Treat others with care, use appropriate voice volume, show attentive posture.


  • Hallway: Keep hands, feet, objects to yourself; respect the learning of others.
  • Cafeteria: Use encouraging, polite, and kind words; be safe.
  • Classrooms: Use encouraging, polite, and kind words; participate in a positive manner.
  • Bathroom: Use the equipment for intended purpose, proceed in a direct manner to and from.
  • iQuad and Assemblies: Follow the guidelines of the event, bring only necessary materials.


  • Hallway: Do what is right even when no one is looking, show empathy for custodial staff.
  • Cafeteria: Be prepared to line up, raise hands to be dismissed.
  • Classrooms: Ask focused questions, support your classmates.
  • Bathroom: Leave no trace.
  • iQuad and Assemblies: Demonstrate a positive attitude, participate effectively.