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How we HOWL

At Gypsum Creek Middle School, we encourage all students to H.O.W.L – exemplify character traits of being Hardworking, to take Ownership, show Wisdom, and exhibit Leadership. There are opportunities to meet (and exceed) staff expectations throughout our school.  Monthly, staff recognize students with certificates during "Something to HOWL About" assemblies.  Daily, staff reward students with "Way to Howl" tickets which can be used to purchase fun treats at lunch time.


  • Hallway:  Take the instructed route, make way to destination in a timely fashion.
  • Cafeteria: Clean your area, get all utensils and food when dismissed then remain seated.
  • Classrooms: Persevere, strive for success, have learning tasks completed in a timely fashion.
  • Bathroom: Be polite and respect privacy, take care of business quickly.
  • iQuad and Assemblies: Look for instructions; keep hands, feet, and objects to self.


  • Hallway: Leave your locker space clean and orderly, have pass visible.
  • Cafeteria: Bring appropriate money, lunch, clothing' remain at chosen table.
  • Classrooms: Use materials and equipment appropriately, start beginning procedures upon arrival.
  • Bathroom: Have pass visible, bring only necessary materials, flush.
  • iQuad and Assemblies: Treat others with care, use appropriate voice volume, show attentive posture.


  • Hallway: Keep hands, feet, objects to yourself; respect the learning of others.
  • Cafeteria: Use encouraging, polite, and kind words; be safe.
  • Classrooms: Use encouraging, polite, and kind words; participate in a positive manner.
  • Bathroom: Use the equipment for intended purpose, proceed in a direct manner to and from.
  • iQuad and Assemblies: Follow the guidelines of the event, bring only necessary materials.


  • Hallway: Do what is right even when no one is looking, show empathy for custodial staff.
  • Cafeteria: Be prepared to line up, raise hands to be dismissed.
  • Classrooms: Ask focused questions, support your classmates.
  • Bathroom: Leave no trace.
  • iQuad and Assemblies: Demonstrate a positive attitude, participate effectively.

The Wolves also HOWL together in some special classes.  Our homeroom is called "Den" because that's what wolves call home and it happens on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.  Each student's Den has a Lead Wolf (teacher) who is that student's main connection for help.  Each grade level has a special class in addition to Den which is specifically designed to meet the needs of that grade.  New for 2023-2024, one aspect of these classes is the use of a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program called 7 Mindsets.  In those classes, we also teach study skills, organization, problem solving, etc.. Those classes are as follows:

  • AVID For all (6th grade, 1st semester) aka How to be a middle schooler
  • AVID Connect (7th grade, 1st semester) aka How to take care of self and others
  • AVID Up (8th grade, 2nd semester) aka How to be a high schooler