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Student/Parent Handbook

The staff of Gypsum Creek Middle School (GCMS) has developed this GCMS 2022-23 Student/Parent Handbook in order to communicate the processes and programs that support us as we strive to provide the outstanding educational environment our students deserve. Family partnerships are essential to our mission of providing a dynamic and productive education for our children as they progress through the challenging years of middle school. We encourage all parents/guardians to go through each section with their child and initiate conversations about the meaning of the handbook sections from the beginning of each school year.

This Student/Parent Handbook is part of every student’s school planner. A student planner is available to every student to use for reference information and to keep track of assignments and events. It is our hope that this handbook provides answers to many of the questions that may arise during the school year. You are invited to contact any staff member anytime you have concerns or ideas or need further information.

Every student at Gypsum Creek is expected to use this planner for a multitude of situations. We expect students to record their homework each day for each class so that it can be reviewed by parents/guardians. We also expect students to carry the planner to each class and use the “Passport”
pages as a Hall Pass.

First page of the PDF file: GCMSStudentParentHandbook22-23