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Grading Policies

At Gypsum Creek Middle School we believe in equitable grading practices that represent student learning and progress toward standards. Grades should be mathematically accurate, reflect knowledge rather than environment or behavior, support a growth mindset, and are transparent. We are in the process of continued reform of our grading practices and will be refining our work in the area throughout the year. 

Grade Categories
All assignments, assessments, quizzes, tests, classwork, home learning, projects, etc. are divided into two categories: Formative and Summative. The Formative assignments are designed to build student learning throughout the course and will be entered into the gradebook so that students, teachers, and parents can track learning progress. Formative assignments do not count toward student’s cumulative grade for the class and Grade Point Average. Summative assignments and assessments are designed to represent what a student has learned once the learning process is complete. They are entered into the gradebook and count toward a student’s cumulative grade for the class and Grade Point Average.

Make-Ups and Re-Dos
Students will be allowed to make-up all missing Formative assignments, projects, home learning, classwork, etc. without penalty on the grade. It is expected that student complete all Formative assignments as part of the learning process.

We know that students learn at different rates and levels. Summative assessments of all kinds (quizzes, tests, projects, presentations, etc.) can be re-taken up until the final week of a quarter. This allows students to learn and show their progress on a more flexible timeline.  
Grading Scale
The Grading Scale in all classes at GCMS is in the process of being refined and piloted. We are working to make the Grade scale a fair and equitable measure of student learning toward the standards of each content area. THIS SCALE IS STILL TO BE DETERMINED and will be communicated at the beginning of the school year. More importantly, the meaning of each level of the scale is being developed so that students and parents can understand what each level means.

Grading Practices – English

Grading Practices – Spanish